This manual is a step-by-step guide for performing motion capture and data analysis with the Macquarie Motion Capture installation. While the Vicon System is a complex tool, motion capture can be a straight-forward process if the correct steps are followed.

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This guide is broken down into the six basic steps of motion capture: System preparation, Subject preparation, Performing a capture, Cleaning and gap filling the capture, Outputting the data for analysis, and Analysis tools.

Getting Started

Readers who are new to motion capture should begin with the introduction page. This will explain the basics of how the system works, and how to turn everything on. All readers should then proceed to The 6 Steps.

Additional Resources

This manual is designed to provide a detailed, step-by-step guide to performing basic motion capture. While this manual is tutorial in nature, and significantly more detailed than the official Vicon Nexus System Manual, it is limited in its scope. For additional system information, please refer to the Vicon Nexus System Manual. Specifically, please see the Motion Capture with Nexus section. Vicon also offers a series of video tutorials, entitled the Essentials of Nexus. Finally, for technical specifications, please see the detailed Vicon MX Hardware System Reference. Note - Vicon offers these resources as a free download to all system operators. Where they exist on your system will vary.