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Department of Psychology

Hire and retain job experts with EXPERTise,

a comprehensive psychological assessment

tool that measures the reliability of expert

decision making skills in critical situations.

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EXPERTise you can trust

EXPERT Intensive Skills Evaluation (EXPERTise) helps you increase your organisational productivity
and performance by helping you select the most efficient and reliable experts. Use EXPERTise to:
compare against industry benchmarks  l  select new employees  l  assess training outcomes  l  identify training needs


Easy and Flexible

Access accurate yet easy to intepret reports, anytime, anywhere.


Smart time saver

Quickly generate reports at both an individual and organisational level.

How does it work

Performance driven

Supports decision-making in high-risk systems and organisational performance.


World-leading research team

The EXPERTise team is at the forefront of organizational psychology and behaviour research and innovation. Led by Professor Mark Wiggins, Professor - Macquarie University, our team has access to global multi-disciplinary research opportunities as well as Macquarie's leading edge infrastructure. Explore the research behind EXPERTise

Professor Mark Wiggins
Project Lead

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"My research in cue-based processing is designed to help us understand the bases on which humans interpret and form judgements in complex, time-constrained situations."

Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr Thomas Loveday

Danielle Moore, Daniel Yee, Eva
Gacasan, Jaime Auton, James Evans,
Kyle Fitzgerald, Sue Brouwers.

Associate Professor David O’Hare
University of Otago
Associate Professor Deak Helton
University of Canterbury

Our global clients

EXPERTise has been used in the financial management, aviation, defence, power system management and control, medical diagnosis, rail control and software engineering industries.

control room
control room

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Don't wait. Launch ahead with EXPERTise behind you.

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